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For years, bizDev has being helping organizations navigate the peculiar waters of doing business in Africa’s largest economy and its West African sub-continent.
Our understanding of market realities and how socio-economic forces impact business outcomes has paid off for our clients over the years.

We provide our customers with unique and tailored solutions to meet their current and future needs for sales expansion, market penetration, business development and channel alliance programs.
Working with your executive team, we identify goals and objectives for revenue generation and crafting programs to deliver on those objectives leveraging your team or ours.

Our Focus

Making It Work.

Our watch word over the years remains "Make It Work".
We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We want our clients to feel that our staff is even more committed to the effort than their own staff.
That’s what distinguishes us.

Positive Reviews 83%
Customer Satisfactory Feedback 92%
Market Engagement 78%

Results. Results. Results.

Because our success is ultimately measured by the QUALITY of RESULTS our clients get through our involvement - once the desired outcome is defined - we dive in with the most effective, time-saving and cost-efficient strategies.

Scientific Approach.

We adopt empirical outlook in our approach to analysing and solving business problems. We calibrate new instances accordingly while applying proven techniques to business situations.


Because facts don't lie, we lay emphasis on compiling data in business situations. We mind business numbers and observe key indicators - what works, what doesn't, and why so - from there, we connect the dots with minimal human error.

Great Customer Experience.

Because we work with real humans, we emphasis relationships. We seek to understand, relate and cooperate. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business.

Our work speaks for itself


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